We Solve Problems

At Adroit Government we solve problems.
Our clients appreciate our ability to structure strategic issues, apply best practices, and our vast experience in solving the problems and challenges facing them that involve complex digital and technology interactions with their business.
We listen to our client’s needs and challenges, and we utilize our tools, techniques, and experience to design appropriate, tailored, and comprehensive solutions.

Program Development

Every successful business needs a solid strategy and process to pave the way for its achievements. Read more.

Project Management

Our approach is to create an executable strategy built on industry knowledge, analysis, and insight

Digital & Technology

We help our clients with their digital strategy and technology solutions in support of their business investments

Digital Products

We implement and support digital solutions for our clients such as O365, SharePoint, and Salesforce.

How We Do It?

Adroit Government solves its clients problems through ten main phases. Each phase must be completed. We take the following course of actions when our client engages us to assist their organization:

  • Define the problem clearly
  • Outline alternative solutions and opportunities
  • Challenge the definition and assumptions
  • Question the cause of the problem
  • Identify a few potential solutions
  • Prioritize the possible solutions
  • Make a decision collaboratively
  • Assign responsibility
  • Set a measure for the solution
  • Implement and follow up on the solution

Our Competitive Advantage

Adroit Government brings to the table a unique depth of knowledge and skills, in addition to our reputation, and our expert and professional teams.
We help our clients to effectively manage their projects and to deliver operative technology so that they can have more time to focus on their Programs and add business value.
In step with your company:

  • We are experts in Program Development, Project Management, and Digital and Technology domains
  • We employ world-class professional consultants and project managers
  • We understand the competitive landscape in state and local government
  • We attract, train and retain quality staff
  • We understand that your problems are painful and costly
  • We build ideal solutions
  • We deliver quality products, and within schedule and budget

What We Do

Protect your Business and Information Assets: We provide business and technical services to our clients.
Grow Your Business: We assist you with strategies to invest and manage assets.

What We Offer

Personalized Service: We are attentive to your unique business needs, providing you with customized solutions and excellent service.

Experience and Expertise: We have experienced consultants in all areas of our services which adhere to the highest professional standards. We offer business and technical solutions based solely in your interest.

Reliability and Confidentiality: The strong relationships we develop with clients are invaluable when we are called on during business and technical challenges. We are always available to support you in times of need.

Why We Do It

To bridge the gap between business and technology by aligning your strategy with your investments to maximize and secure the information that powers your organization.

  • Procurement Process
  • Bid Process
  • SOW Development
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Control Agencies
  • Budgeting and Approvals
  • Project Approval Life cycle (PAL)

Adroit Government works with many industries. Our teams are experienced, professionals who provide practical perspectives and business solutions to our clients to avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and gain an edge in the government space. Contact us for more information.

  • State and Local Government
  • Higher Ed
  • Health Care
  • Justice and Courts
  • Public Safety
  • Financial Services
  • Taxation
  • Business and Professional Services
  • Non-profit
  • Information Technology

Why Choose Our Services

  • We know how to save you time
  • We will bring you new pre-qualified
  • We have the experience
  • We have for your project
  • We will bring you new pre-qualified
  • We know how to save you time
  • We will bring you new pre-qualified
  • We have for your project
  • We have the experience
  • We have for your project

What our clients say

I am very pleased with the end result of our work with Adroit Government. Their team armed us with all of the tools and models we needed to move forward from A to Z with our products. I would highly recommend them to other vendors wanting to do business with the state, that are searching to develop strategies or to improve the operational performance of their Departments.

Larry Mantle,
CDD / State of CA

Adroit Government’s Business Development and Strategy methodology and their knowledge of state government process, procurement, culture, technology, and culture  have been cornerstones for starting to realize our long-term marketing, and sales goals.

Britney Nguyen,
Director IT, Tela Marketing, Inc.

We use Adroit Government consulting to guide our SLED team (State and Local Government Contracts (SLEDStatelocal and education government agencies – also known as SLED. They cover clear five domains that helped our firm.

Chris Pickard,
Business Project Manager, Republic Tech

Overall, Adroit Government consulting was a tremendous contributor to the success of our final selection and during the negotiation stage of our ERP solution project. They work with the highest level of honesty and integrity and the quality of their work consistently exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them and any resource that they offer for cities and municipalities.

Andi Clark,
CEO / Manager

Delivering successful projects is a crucial part of our City's mission, and to render excellent services to our citizens. As such we engage with business partners we trust, and who “get” us. Adroit Government consulting is one of these business partners. Not only do they provide us with high quality consultants, but I know that if I have a concern I can make one phone call and the matter is effectively resolved.

Larry Jan,
CEO, Local Government / City & County